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Our Services

Our aim is to simply fit in as part of the wider care team, to complement the services that are already in place.  Appointree offer a range of different services, each bespoke to the needs of the individual, these include:

   Caretaker – appointee services for individuals in hospital or residential care

   Homemaker – Appointee services for customers in supported living

   Money Minder – Appointee and financial management services for vulnerable individuals.

   Money Box – Appointee, financial management and debt advice services for vulnerable customers.

   STS – Short-term support service offers appointee and/or financial management for individuals with short term needs.

   Mobility Matters – Management and monitoring of mobility vehicles.

   Direct Payments – Management and monitoring of the individual budget.

   Appropriate Adult Services – To attend Police station or other formal hearing to support the detained person to ensure they know what is happening to them.

“Our role is to support and not control, so it is vital that individuals and their families are properly informed about the specifics of the services provided.”

Our team will meet with the individual and other professionals/family to assess how the service will best meet the unique needs of that person. We look at the individual’s personal circumstances and the level of assistance that is likely to be required. We offer different levels of service bespoke to the needs of the individual, which can include :

   Application and management of Mobility vehicles

   Support to purchase of one off items such as a new Television, clothes etc.

   We can help & support individuals source and set up regular services i.e. newspaper delivery, taxi service, window cleaner etc.

   Provide a Trained “Appropriate Adult Service”

   Purchasing shopping cards to facilitate shopping for carers – removing the need for cash handling

   Sourcing staff/carer for a day trip or to accompany someone on holiday

   Helping plan holidays with facilities to meet the needs of the individual.

   Support finding and accessing alternative accommodation

   We are also able to offer short term help if the individual is in hospital or recovering from illness.